CCL: FW: bindings energy with BSSE or in solvent?

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 This is an interesting question. I never thought about it in this way.
 But I do not really believe that the BSSE caculated in the gasphase is
 relevant for the liquid phase, because solvation as in PCM or COSMO
 tends to localize the wavefunctions a bit better than in the gasphase.
 Thus the BSSE should be smaller.
 My recipe for reaction energies in solution is:
 1) desolvate the educts (e.g. with PCM or COSMO, or best with COSMO-RS)
 2) apply gasphase reaction QC methods
 3) solvate the products (e.g. with PCM or COSMO, or best with COSMO-RS)
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 > You might not be able to combine BSSE and PCM in a single calculation, but
 you can still calculate a BSSE correction in one calculation and calculate the
 solvation energy in another.
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 > Dear list,
 > It seems one has to choose between the calculation of the bindingsenergy
 with BSSE or in solvent. Because no BSSE is available for a continuum solvent
 model (PCM), or am I wrong here?
 > What would you choose and why: gasphase with BSSE? Or solvent phase without
 BSSE and calculating all the three components apart: E(complex); E(proteine);
 > Thank you for answering my question!
 > Best regards , Goedele
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