CCL: CCL Tech problems, Support CCL, and Best Wishes

 Sent to CCL by: "Jan Labanowski" []
 Dear Netters,
 Some of you may have noticed that CCL has technical problems.
 I need to buy another computer and hard drives, refresh system
 installation, etc. Some of you may know that it is not the
 best time for me to do it. I am also extremely busy lately with
 another project. So bare with me for a few days or maybe a week or
 In the meantime (and after) please remember to support CCL.
 I really need your help to run CCL Visit the page:
 Do not hesitate to contact me if you prefer that I would do it
 rather than going through the Web interface for the services.
 Again... You may find some of these services useful. And they
 are not priced high. You will get a regular invoice that you can
 charge against your project or other funds. Last but not least,
 you will be helping Computational Chemistry, your fellow Computational
 Chemists, and me --- the CCL unmoderator who was carrying it for you
 for over 15 years under many different circumstances.
 In this Holiday period (for some...) ALL THE BEST!!! Do not eat too
 much -- rather use the Spring (for some) to enjoy the new life
 and hope.
 Jan Labanowski
 CCL Moderator