CCL: Questions about using program SOMFA

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 Dear all,
 Does anyone have experience with using SOMFA? I am trying to run the
 steriod example downloaded with the program. However I got some mysterious
 When I have set up the project and try to use the project by following the
 manual. I cannot proceed step 7 in the "Using a SOMFA project" part.
 (I selected the training set for the new model and ShapeMolecularField
 Class, entered grid information, and selected training property. But when
 I entered the grid file name and press "OK", the program does not
 There is no grid file written, and no error message. It seems that the
 program doesn't run any calculation.
 I use WindowsXP, and I have tried to replace MoleculeInterface.dll with
 MoleculeInterface_95.dll. But the program still won't work. I have tried
 several times, and I believe I followed the manual exactly.
 Have anyone reported such bug before? How should I fix it?
 Really appreciate your kind help!