CCL: polarisable force field for new molecule

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 Dear CCL users,
 I am working on nucleic acid-drug interaction. I am very new to this. I want to
 use polarisable force field to simulate the complex. I can use ff02 for my DNA
 in amber, but i dnt know how to generate polarisable ff for ligand or in general
 any new molecule.Someone please suggest me on how i can do this.
 Not so long ago I was preparing polarizable force field parameters for
 simulations of small molecules in Amber. I found very useful the web
 page of Ulf Ryde:
 I have also prepared a tutorial how to do such a parametrization step
 by step. You can find it on my web page:
 (direct link:
 Best regards,
 Lukasz Cwiklik
 Lukasz Cwiklik