CCL:G: problem wirh g03 D.02

 Sent to CCL by: "alberto  savoini"
 I've installed  the upgrade for Gaussian ( g03 D.02  s/n FC8441343010) and LINDA
 ( Rev 7.1 s/n FC8341343020 ).
 My cluster has  fedora  core 3 and PGI 6.1.
 While the compilation is OK I have a problem running parallel jobs
 (%NProcShared=2 %NProcLinda=2)  :
 Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h_errno directly. Needs to be
 ntsnet: using executable file /opt2/g03d02/g03/linda-exe/l302.exel
 ntsnet: trying to schedule 1 worker
 ntsnet: scheduled a total of 1 worker
 ntsnet: starting master process on node11.cluster
 ntsnet: starting 1 worker on node12.cluster
 l302.exel: machine.c:365: _l_md_post_local_recv: Assertion `!local_recv_sanity'
 eval server 0 on node11.cluster has dropped it's connection.
 If I run a job using only one node ( 2 CPU ) it works correctly.
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