CCL: MMFF94 for H-Bonding and vdW-Bonding

 Sent to CCL by: "T-Tsuru+*+coral" [t-tsuru+*]
 Hello, CCLers.
I'm a novice of Merck Molecular Force Field (MMFF94). I would especially like to know its structural accuracy for hydrogen bonding and van der Waals bonding (for example - comparing with MP2/6-31(d) optimization.)
I think one Halgren's paper describes van der Waals bond: "Merck Molecular Force Field. II. MMFF94 van der Waals and Electrostatic Parameters for Intermolecular Interactions," J. Comp. Chem. 17, 520-552.
 But I don't know other papers.
 If you know the papers which include those descriptions, please recommend to me.
 Sincerely yours,
      Telkuni Tsuru
           Bunshi Gijyutu