CCL:G: Question about coding in Gaussian

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 It seems to be a simple problem. If you want using a COMMON block to
 transfer data between different executables, you have to make sure it is
 written out to the read-write file and then in the other program it is
 read and the COMMON block is initialized.
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 > Hi CCLers,
 > I am new programmer for Gaussian(03). I am trying to use COMMON block to
 transfer some data between different subroutines, but when I do this, in the
 sender subroutine (say L101.F) it is OK, which shows all correct values for the
 variables, but in receiver subroutines (say L301.F) it cannot show correct
 values, which all of them are zero.
 > Compilation is no problem.
 > Could you give me some hints for how to use COMMON block in Gaussian codes?
 > Thank you very much!!!
 > Have a great weekend!!!>
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