CCL: Quantitative measure for susceptibility to nucleophilic attack?

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 2007 Oct4
Look at C. Morell et al., J Phys Chem A, 2005, 109(1), 205; this should also give refs to older work on using the Fukui functiion as an indicator of nucleophilicity.
 E. Lewars
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 Hi CCLers,
I am interested in techniques which can provide a measure of susceptibility to nucleophilic attack in a particular fragment across a series of molecules. The goal is to have a quantitative measure of how different substitutents at another site affect the likelihood of nucleophilic attack at the site of interest.
This is somewhat removed from the areas of electronic structure to which I am accustomed. I understand from reading Bader's book that divots and bumps in the lapacian of the density can be an indication of these, but I was wondering if there was something a little more straightforward to analyze.
 Can anyone point me to some references?
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