CCL: More about STERIMOL parameters

 Sent to CCL by: "Jinsong  Zhao" []
 Dear all,
 Recently, I read the paper about STERIMOL parameters in drug design*. And
 fortunately, I get the STERIMOL program written by W. Hoogenstraaten, and ported
 to PC by Stephen B. Bowlus.
 I have read the rules of molecule notation carefully, which is kindly provided
 by Stephen B. Bowlus. However, I also can not get the same results published by
 A. Verloop et al. for substituent CH2CH3, though I think the input card
 HC(H,H)C(H,H,H)* is correct. Therefore, I think there must be something wrong in
 my input file, otherwise, the results published may be wrong.
 So I hop to get help from you, if you would like to give me one or more examples
 on how to prepare the input file for STERIMOL program, or help me to contact the
 author of the paper published in 1976 (I can not find their recent address).
 *Verloop, A., Hoogenstraaten, W. and Tipker, J. Development and applications of
 new steric substituent parameters in drug design. In: Ariens, E. J. (Editor)
 Drug design. 1976, Vol. 7. 165-207. New York: Academic Press.
 Thank you very much for your attention on this topic, and look forward to your
 Best regards,
 Dr. Jinsong Zhao
 College of Resources and Environment
 Huazhong Agricultural University
 No.1 Shizishan Road, Wuhan 430070
 P.R. China
 E-mail: jszhao[#]