CCL: Disk striping

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 On Tuesday, 12. February 2008 16:44, John McKelvey jmmckel| wrote:
 > Hello!
 > On a dual-dual RHEL4 machine I am doing some MP2 calculations  that have a
 > serious IO overhead issues when other jobs need some IO.  I would like to
 > add a software Raid 0 [after adding two identical Seagate 7200.10 or
 > 7200.11drives] to this machine... if I knew how.  Could someone point
 > me to some
 > info on how to do this?
 Another option is to buy a raid controller, for Raid0 also cheap ones are
 enough (4ports SATA for around 100 Euros). Only thing you need is a PCIe
 > Many thanks!
 > John McKelvey
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