CCL:G: Simple Batch/Queue Software for Linux 64-bit/ Gaussian 03

 Sent to CCL by: Steven Kirk []
 Soren Eustis wrote:
 Sent to CCL by: "Soren  Eustis" [soren-] I have relied on
 WebMo to handle my queuing for G03 on windows.  Now that I have G03
 running on my Linux EM64T, I would love to get that working as well.
 However, for the time being it has eluded me.
 In the mean time, can anyone recommend a simple batch program that
 will work under Linux (OpenSuse to be specific).  The Gaussian manual
 talks about NQS...
SQS ( is simple and works well. I haven't tested it under OpenSuse, but it works fine under Fedora Core 7.
 Steve Kirk
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