CCL: Intern. Conference "Electronic Processes in pi-Conjugated Molecules"

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 Dear CCLers,
 This is the first announcement of an international conference
 that deals with synthetic, physical, spectroscopic, theoretical, and
 applied aspects of pi-conjugated molecules, and of the important
 materials composed thereof. The conference will take place October 7-10,
 2008 in beautiful Wrzburg residence, part of UNESCO's world cultural
 heritage. It is organized within the framework of graduate college
 GRK1221 "Control of Electronic Properties of Aggregated pi-Conjugated
 Molecules" of German Science Foundation (see
 A flyer of the conference is available on that site. Further information
 will become available on that graduate college web page in due
 course. Registration for the conference will open at the beginning
 of April, and information about travelling and accommodation
 will then also be available; the expected conference fee will be 100
 Euro (50 Euro for PhD students). Please forward this information also to
 colleagues or coworkers that might be interested in participating.
 Participation will be limited to about 100-120 persons.
 We are looking forward to an interesting conference that will allow the
 fruitful exchange between chemists and physicists, between
 experimentalists and theoreticians, and between synthetic chemists and
 spectroscopists in this important area between fundamental and applied
 Martin Kaupp
 (conference chair)
 Prof. Dr. Martin Kaupp
 Institut fr Anorganische Chemie
 Universitt Wrzburg
 Am Hubland
 D-97074 Wrzburg
 Tel.: +49 931/888-5281, Fax: +49 931/888-7135
 Office of the Graduate College GRK1221:
 Uschi Rppel
 Institut fr Organische Chemie
 Universitt Wrzburg
 Am Hubland
 D-97074 Wrzburg
 e-mail: grk1221|a|
 Tel.: +49 931/888-5423