CCL: eCheminfo Hands-on Drug Discovery Workshop in Oxford

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 The 5 Day eCheminfo Hands-on Drug Discovery Workshop Week will take
 place this year 21-25 July 2008 at the Medical Sciences Teaching Center,
 Oxford University, Oxford, UK. Topics to be covered include Virtual
 Screening & Docking; Structure-based Drug Design; Ligand Optimisation &
 Library Design; Structure Search, Similarity and Property Estimation;
 Data Mining, Analysis & Visualisation; Pharmacophore Modelling for Lead
 Identification; Fragment-based Drug Design; QSAR-based Predictive
 Toxicology; and Quantitative Spectrometric Data-Activity Relationship
 These workshops are aimed to provide a set of stimulating workshops
 using latest advanced modelling techniques of relevance to chemists,
 life scientists and modellers working in drug discovery. The workshop
 group studies problems with hands-on examples using leading-edge
 software and discusses complex issues highlighted by examples and case
 studies presented by instructors. A variety of leading drug discovery
 software packages and an IT classroom are used by instructors and
 participants to work through problems.
 A Bursary Award sponsored by Tripos will be used to support the
 attendance of one academic participant, who may be working in any area
 of research related to drug discovery. To apply for the bursary please
 send an email with a) description of your research (ca. 500 words); b)
 your training needs (ca. 500 words), c) your CV to echeminfo -[at]- by 15 April 2008. The recipient of the award will be
 selected based on an evaluation of the quality and innovation of the
 described research and the potential positive impact of the training on
 their research progress and will be notified by 30 April. We gratefully
 acknowledge the sponsorship support of Tripos.
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