CCL:G: Solvent calculations in Gaussian - doubts

 Sent to CCL by: "Kalaiselvan  Anbarasan" [kalaianbaccl(-)]
 Dear CCL members,
                                  When i tried to do a solvation of a gas phase
 optimized geometry using PCM model in Gaussian, I got the following error;
 ' Hint: increase the number of tesserae or change the molecule orientation
  Warning: electronic charge 965 neglected'
 Then i tried it again by increasing the TSNUM from the default value 60. But
 this time i got the following error
 ''Too many tesserae.  Increase the MxTs'
 I got the same error, whatever TSNUM i have used.
 Kindly let me know your suggestions to overcome this problem in doing solvation.
 Thanking you in advance,
 Best regards