CCL: Graphics demos

Dear John,
there is a really cool software called YASARA
The tutorials are really instructive and self-explanatory.
I don't know Elmar Krieger personnally, but I was told that he was programming for the gaming industry before; so you will understand why the graphics look so great and are optimized for speed.

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I am giving a seminar on applications of theory in industry.  Now I have done this many times in the past, mostly to undergrad and grad students  who are comfortable with theory, though in varying degrees.  The next challenge is to give one in an undergraduate department where theory in detail is not appropriate, but I can give some black box descriptions of methods and results.  What would be nice, I'm told, would be some appropriate "cool graphics."  I'm not strong in the bio/pharma area, but do understand a bit of the importance of docking, etc.  Demoing some dynamics results on a simple reaction could be interesting, for example.

I'm most receptive to any and all suggestions, and any demos that might be available..

Many thanks!!

John McKelvey