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There are analytical first, and I think analytical second derivatives, for CIS in Gaussian.

Also, there are analytical first derivatives for TDDFT in TURBOMOLE.


John McKelvey.

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> Could you please tell me how could I simulate the emission spectrum of a system with Gaussian03? Exactly what commands should I include in the route section in order to do this with TDDFT and CIS? In addition, could I have the emission spectrum using GaussSum? In the G03 manual it is not clear how one can study the S1 instead of S0 state with TDDFT or CIS. What commands should be included in the route section (td(Root=1)?)

I think this is really difficult as S1 state generated by photo
excitation (or whatever) will relax and there are little tools to allow
geometry optimization of the exitated state (no analytic gradients in

I could be wrong ... thus very interested by the solution.


Jérôme KIEFFER  :

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