CCL: A couple of ChemCraft questions

 Sent to CCL by: "Richard L. Wood" [woodx278]|[]
 Hi all,
 I've sent one of these questions to the people that develop ChemCraft, but I
 have yet to get a response, so I haven't sent the second one.
 The first one is fairly simple.  Does anyone out there have any experience
 installing ChemCraft under SuSe Linux, and if so would you be willing to share
 any tips?
 Second, we just upgraded to version 1.6 from version 1.5 under Windows NT
 (Windows XP Professional, actually), and when we try to close the program we get
 an error message telling us "cannot create "c:\Program
 Files\Chemcraft\~last.tmp".  I assume this is because we don't have
 permission to write to the c:\drive since we're "networked".
 Does anyone know of a work around for this problem?
 Thanks in advance,