CCL: The Scienomics Scientific Forum

 Sent to CCL by: "Rosa Amanda Weber" []^[]
 Scienomics invites you to join the Scienomics scientific forum SciForum online
 Since 2004 Scienomics develops scientific software for industrial partners as
 well as academic and governmental institutes in Materials research and today
 Scienomics has launched a forum to encourage communication and discussion of the
 latest research in Materials simulations and to offer academia and industry a
 high-ranking platform for the exchange of knowledge on an international scale.
 Who can use the SciForum?
 SciForum is a private service for MAPS users, as well as scientist.
 (Registered users are welcome to use their existing login data when prompted for
 login information, if you are not registered, please register to be able to post
 A few reasons why you should use SciForum
 We will actively use the SciForum discussions as a means of extending our
 knowledge base for your benefit.
 You will have the opportunity to share your experience with other MAPS users.
 Updates, patches, Bugs and fixes for example can be posted and discussed openly.
 Rosa Weber^^