CCL: 3D -> 2D

     MolConverter can output both 2D structure files and 2D images in various formats and can do many other things. Please follow this link for more details.
MolConverter is in Java so you can run it on all Java enabled platforms. Academically free.

Example, for creating a 2D SDF:
 bash$ molconvert sdf -2 input.sdf -o output.sdf

Example, for creating a 2D PNG image:
 bash$ molconvert png:w100 -2 input.mol -o output.png



On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 2:01 AM, Anuradha Mittal anuradha.mittal[-] <owner-chemistry(0)> wrote:
Hi All,

Is there any tool that I can use to convert a multi-mol2 of small ligands to 2D?


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