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 Pipeline Pilot is a great product, but for some people not affordable. A
 cheaper option is KNIME and Cheshire from Symyx. Cheshire is a low cost
 product that must be installed for several of the better chemoinformatics
 applications. On you will find some nodes that might be
 A more or less automated lead finding application that works by clustering
 compounds of similar biological activity, but not necessarily similar by
 structure. Please have a look at and follow the links
 to CWM Lead Finder.
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 Pipeline Pilot
 On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 06:25 -0500, Sangeetha Vimal wrote:
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 > Hi all,
 > Can someone suggest me a chemical library analysis tool, which can help in
 clustering/diversity analysis of chemical compounds in the database.
 > Thanks
 > Sangeetha>
 Igor Filippov [Contr] <igorf^-^>
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