CCL: Computational Chemistry - Arm chair Scientists !!!

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 Hi Soumya,
Well as a {theoretical/computational chemist / molecular modeler / bioinformatician / pick whatever you like} I was sometimes told as being "disconnected from reality" when I tackled some complex tasks involving coding during extended periods of time... Well I probably looked like one of those "armchair scientists" glued to the chair in front of the computer indeed, so no offense... I always took remarks that I was spending too much time "on the dark side" as useful reminders that I should never be careless with validation.
Colleagues more versed on the experimental side of chemistry might as well try to perform synthesis projects so time-consuming, complex and exotic that they end up looking like "mad professors" - the movie type always ready to attempt ramdom and often disastrous experiments in a creepy basement. If you spot one that dared to call you an "armchair scientist" in the past, then it's payback time ;-)
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 Dear all,
With the ever increasing computational power, there has been an enormous growth in the theoretical/computational chemistry ( personally i feel the word "Theoretical Chemistry" has been abused by considering it as an alternative word for "Computational chemsitry" by people practising computational chemistry). while people doing computational chemistry are also growing like mushrooms and the volume of pages occupied by it has also exploded, the number of people doing the theoretical chemistry (analytical) is dwindling with time. Any ways: It would be nice to hear comments from the leading (and novice) experts of computational and theoretical chemistry regarding the general feeling of the experimental community (who consider that they toil pretty hard physically for every bit of the sentence they write .. ) that we are "Arm chair scientists", who like to quench our thirst for science sitting before a computer all through the day and gulping loads of liquids !!
 I hope a small debate would make things more clear.