CCL: Announcement "The Interactome: From Atom-Atom Contacts to Networks in Systems Biology”, Workshop Rauischholzhausen, March 22-25, 2010

Dear colleagues,

We want to announce the sixth workshop on 
"New Approaches in Drug Design and
to be hold next year, in March 22-25, 2010 in Rauischholzhausen, Germany.
Over the last years we have successfully established a series of
 workshops with biannual frequency,
 and we would like to organize the next workshop on the special
"The Interactome: From Atom-Atom Contacts to Networks in
 Systems Biology”

This topic will cover the latest developments in the field of drug discovery taking the increasing expertise about networking among proteins in cellular processes into consideration. What can systems biology contribute to our field of research? Can we expect important insights into the mode of action of drugs, particularly with respect to “poly-pharmacology”? Nevertheless, we do not want to loose the sight on molecular aspects of our field of interest. Therefore, we want to start from atomic details of interactions as captured by quantum chemistry and proceed via computational tools that support the design and ranking of our hypotheses. The meeting will also cover latest developments in some special target classes such as kinases and P450 enzymes. What can chemical biology contribute to screening, target discovery, and lead discovery? Such techniques are also of utmost importance in the characterization of protein networking in cells. How much can computational tools support the identification of proteins that mutually talk to each other in signalling cascades?

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Serghei Glinca

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