CCL:G: g09 in parallel

 Sent to CCL by: "Georg Lefkidis" [lefkidis*]
 Hello everyone,
 finally I managed to compile g09. However there is a strange thing happening
 now. On a AIX 6.1 system it runs in parallel, but on several AIX 5.3 not,
 whereas g03 does! In fact I get the error message
 Inconsistency in NProc:  NTCur=   9 but real number of threads=   1
 The file system is common to all machines, and the executables the same. On
 every node OMP_NUM_THREADS is set correctly. g03 has no problem (I can see
 by the CPU usage that it indeed runs in parallel, while g09 complains!).
 Does anyone have any suggestions? I looked a bit in the older archives, but
 did not find anything.
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