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 On Linux (Ubuntu), I've found the combination of chemtool and the venerable xfig
 program works fairly well.  Draw the individual molecules with chemtool, save
 each to a file, then export the drawing in encapsulated postscript format.  For
 markup, the xfig program can read, place, and display .eps files as objects, and
 allows the addition of annotation as text, lines, arrows, etc. to create a final
 complex figure.  You could also add structures to an energy vs. reaction
 coordinate plot this way, assuming the plotting program can produce postscript
 output.  The ps2epsi command (part of ghostscript) can be used to encapsulate
 .ps to .eps, for programs that don't offer .eps output.
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 Dear CCL
 I was wondering if there is a free software to draw the reaction mechanism,
 energy levels of reactants, transition state and products, where I use chemdraw
 but the graph is not organised well.
 Thanks in advance