CCL:G: Visualization of G09 output

 Sent to CCL by: Billy McCann []
For visualization of Gaussian 09 calculations in Gaussian 03, Molekol has a bash script to do this very thing available at
 The main action of the script is a sed call:
cat $1 | sed "s/Gaussian 09/Gaussian 03/" | sed "s/Eigenvalues -- /EIGENVALUES -- /" | sed "s/Density Matrix:/DENSITY MATRIX./" | sed "s/ Atom AN/Atom AN/" > $2
which is identical to Marcel Swart's command, with some additions for eigenvalues and density matrices. $1 is the input file; $2 will be the output file.
 Using this will enable you to even view normal modes.
 Hope this helps,
 Billy McCann