CCL:G: Reading fchk files in gv 3.0

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 David is correct, in general you need to run formchk on the system
 that created the .chk file. If that system has G03 and G09, be sure
 you are using the formchk utility for G09 by specifying the full path
 to the executable, for example "/software/gaussian/g09/formchk
 yourfilename" if the G09 installation were located in
 /software/gaussian. You can then read the .fchk file directly into
 GaussView on your Ubuntu machine, but keep in mind that certain output
 generated by G09 will not be compatible with GaussView3.
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 > Jacqueline:
 >  This topic was discussed on the CCL just 1-2 months ago.  I seem
 to recall that there were several solutions offered.  One solution was to
 generate the .fchk file in the actual calculation by adding the keyword
 formcheck on the command line.  Also someone mentioned that G03 may not be
 able to convert a check file generated by G09.  So you could do a quick
 check at try to generate the 'fchk file on the remote computer, and then see if
 you can read it locally.
 >  Regards, Dave Close.
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 > Hi
 > I have g09 optimization jobs run on a remote computer and want to view the
 results (particularly surfaces) using Gaussview 3.0 on Ubuntu on a local
 computer. I have tried reading the file.chk directly but get the error
 "can't find the formchk utility". It is there but I'm not sure how to
 go about this.
 > I have also tried converting the file.chk to file.fchk using either g09 or
 g03. Using g03 generates an error writing the fchk file and using g09, gview
 won't open it.
 > Thanks for your time.
 > Regards
 > JC>;>;>;>;>;