CCL: UV/visible spectra

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 Have a look to Molcas, it can do everything you need.
 Nicolas Ferre'
 Laboratoire Chimie Provence
 Universite' de Provence
 2011/1/21 Dimitri Cavalcanti
 > Dear CCL Readers,
 >        We would like to calculate the UV/visible
 spectra of molecules that,
 > to
 > be properly described, may need more than a single determinant.
 >        Our molecules might behave like, for example, NO
 and ozone that need
 > two
 > determinants to be correctly described in the ground state.
 > We would like to perform a CASSCF or CASPT2 to obtain the excitation
 > energies. However, the problem is that we would also like to calculate
 > transition dipole moments and/or oscillator strengths from the ground
 > state.
 > Our molecules have, in general, no more than between ten and twenty heavy
 > atoms, and most of them have less than ten.
 >        Would any of you know a program that will enable
 us to obtain the
 > results
 > we are after: transition energies and dipoles and/or oscillator strengths
 >> from a multiconfigurational ground state?
 >        Thank you very much in advance.
 >        Sincerely yours,
    Dimitri Cavalcanti