CCL: Biophotochem workshop: last announcement.

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 This is the last announcement of the workshop: "Modeling of
 biologically-inspired photoactive systems" that will be held in
 Marseille, France, from March 30 to April, 1st 2011.
 This workshop aims to bring together Europe-based recognized
 specialists, but also newcomers, young researchers and students that
 are involved in any theoretical development targeted or possibly
 applicable to the modeling of bio-photochemistry. Besides the
 presentation of well-established methods and their applications, the
 participants will be asked to present their up-to-date theoretical
 developments and to give their opinions about the future of such an
 intense research area, in terms of experimental-theoretical
 collaborations, needed new methodologies, ...
 The number of participants is limited to 50. Reduced fees are
 available to students and postdoctoral researchers (limited to 20
 registrations). Deadline for registration and oral communication
 submission is march, 10th. A poster session will be open to all the
 More information is available at
 See you in Marseille!
 Prof. Isabelle Demachy (Universite' Paris-Sud) and Dr. Nicolas Ferré
 (Universite' de Provence)
 Nicolas Ferre'
 Laboratoire Chimie Provence
 Universite' de Provence
 Phone : +33 413550532