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 North American MOE UGM | June 20 -23, 2011 | Montreal, Canada
 Dear Friends & Colleagues,
 The MOE User Group Meeting is just around the corner. If you are interested
 in attending, I invite you to do so before March 18, 2011 and receive the
 reduced rate of $ 300 USD ($ 400 USD thereafter). Go to to register
 online. More
 information about the meeting, including speakers, abstracts and training,
 can be found at
 Scientific Presentations & Posters, June 22  23 //  Speakers-to-Date:
 - Placing Trust in Docking Results: Is it even possible?
 Corbeil, Chris - Chemical Computing Group
 - QSAR with Phuzzy Pharmacophores
 Crippen, Gordon - University of Michigan
 - Talk title TBA
 Czerminski, Ryszard - AstraZeneca
 - Peptide conformational search by LowModeMD simulations
 Deng, Jinxia - Pfizer Animal Health
 - Reverse-docking of Cinchona Alkaloid Asymmetric Organocatalysis
 Deslongchamps, Ghislain - University of New Brunswick
 - Lessons Learned from Analyzing Structural Information from the PDB
 Duca, Jose - Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research
 - Using Mutational Data To Drive Drug Design: Does It Really Work?
 Kondru, Rama - Hoffmann-La Roche
 - Visualizing Non-bonded Interactions
 Labute, Paul - Chemical Computing Group
 - Biomolecular Calculations Using NAMD and APBS with MOE
 Madura, Jeffry - Duquesne University
 - Some Thoughts on Analyzing Long Molecular Dynamics Trajectories
 Moreland, David  IDSC
 - Computational Design of Potent HCV NS5A Compounds By Using MOE's Scaffold
 Replacement Technology
 Nicholas, John - InterMune
 - Let Gibbs Be Your Guide: Free Energy Simulations in Fragment-based Drug
 Reynolds, Charles  Ansaris
 - BIpredict: MOE/web Server Enabled Delivery of in Silico Properties and
 Thompson, David C. - Boehringer Ingelheim
 - Applying Integral Equation Theory to Structure Based Design
 Truchon, Jean-Francois - Chemical Computing Group
 - Analysis of Fragment Libraries Using MOE
 Tsui, Vickie - Genentech
 - Rapid Assignment of Absolute Chirality using Vibrational Circular
 Wesolowski, Steven - AstraZeneca
 Training & One-to-One Sessions, June 20 - 21
 Learn new tips and techniques from CCG support staff through courses
 covering key aspects of MOE. Dedicated one-on-one sessions with the CCG
 support staff will also be available for more in-depth discussions. To see
 the list of training offered at the UGM 2011 please visit our website
 Thanks & have a great day!
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 Chemical Computing Group
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