CCL: School on combining computing tools with diffraction and spectroscopy

 Sent to CCL by: "Marco  Milanesio" [marco.milanesio[#]]
 Dear members of CCL,
 We remind that the deadline for registering to the AIC School 2011 school on
 combined diffraction, spectroscopy and computational tool,
 to be held in Camerino (Italy) on July 4-8, 2011 is approaching.
 The school deals with the use of molecular mechanics
 and first principle computational tools in combination
 with experimental methods (X-ray and elecron diffraction, PDF methods, NMR,
 X-ray absorption, vibrational spectroscopies).
 The school aims at showing how combined experimental and
 computational tools can be used to treat samples
 too complicated for a technique alone
 Practical sessions, including montecarlo simulation
 and an introduction to the use of CRYSTAL software will be held.
 the deadline for bursary request for the
 AICS2011 school is very close (Friday, March 25th).
 Please find all the information on the website:
 Thanks a lot and best regards
 Marco Milanesio and Mchele Zema, chairs