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 Dear All,
 > Dear CCLrs,
 > Recently my faculty is considering to offer an undergraduate course on
 > Chemoinformatics, for chemistry students. Though I´ve been working a
 > on computational chemistry, I do not feel I have the proper vision to
 > built up a syllabus proposal, or even for giving a
 reasonable criticism of
 > anyone else proposal.   I would really appreciate your opinion on
 > what should be included in a course of such a level?
 After the recent debate here on books and piracy which got quite heated at
 times I'm hesitant to suggest this!
 Following numerous requests from colleagues and students to recommend a
 book on statistics for quantitative drug design I wrote one myself in 1995. I
 revised and updated this to make it more generally applicable (and perhaps
 appeal to a wider audience?) and it was published by Wiley in 2009 (ISBN
 978-0-470-85153-1). You can see the contents on my website at
 It might be something that your students find useful and/or may be of some
 help in structuring your course.
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