CCL:G: thermodynamic data for transition metal ions

Hi Dr Olawale:

The computational chemistry programs Gaussian, GAMESS, or NWCHEM are capable of calculating the data you are requesting ... whether for the cations or the various compounds the cations are contained in.

There are also several papers in the (recent = post 1995) literature which summarize some of these data.  I don't know of any good books (like CRC or TRC) for these systems.


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Subject:        CCL: thermodynamic data for transition metal ions
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Hello everyone,
Can you please refer me to a source where I can get the thermodynamic data (H, S, Heat of formation etc.) for transition metal ions (e.g. Ni2+, Pt2+, Pd2+, Fe2+, Ru2+, etc.). Thank you in anticipation of your contribution.

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