CCL: TURBOMOLE 6.3 released

 Sent to CCL by: Turbomole Support Team [turbomole(!)]
 Dear CCL Colleagues,
 TURBOMOLE:  New Release 6.3
 Enhancements include:
    - parallel version for multi-core/SMP systems for:
       -- 2nd analytic derivatives (frequencies) for HF, DFT and RI-DFT
       -- CCSD and CCSD(T) energies including symmetry
       -- UV/Vis, CD spectra and TDDFT/CC2/ADC(2) analytic gradients
    - restartable analytic frequency calculations
    - COSMO solvation model for TDDFT spectra
    - DFT + Dispersion in its latest version from the Grimme group
    - explicitly correlated CCSD(F12*)
 For further details see:
*TmoleX (GUI)*: The new release also includes the latest version of the graphical user interface TmoleX 3.2 as a free add-on to Turbomole with improved support for remote jobs (use TmoleX on your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop and run the jobs on remote Linux/Unix/MacOS machines and/or submit them to a queuing system on a remote Linux/Unix cluster).
 For licensing options and pricing contact your local supplier at
 Demo and time limited evaluation versions are available.
 Best regards,
 Uwe Huniar on behalf of the Turbomole Support Team