CCL: Advanced Methods and Applications in Quantum Chemistry: Stuttgart, Ger

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 Advanced Methods and Applications in Quantum Chemistry
 An international workshop
 Stuttgart, Germany, March 26  30, 2012
 Scope: The workshop will cover all of the main methods in the MOLPRO package,
 highlighting state-
 of-the-art applications as well as theoretical developments that will be
 released in a new version in
 2012. The morning sessions are devoted to lectures and demonstrations, while in
 the afternoons
 hands-on exercises will take place. The workshop will take place at the
 University of Stuttgart, and
 computer facilities for the exercises will be provided. The participants can
 also use their own laptops.
 All participants are invited to present posters about their own work at the
 workshop. The methods
 and applications cover a wide range of molecular simulations and molecular
 properties, including
 density functional theory, coupled cluster theory, multireference methods,
 response methods,
 symmetry adapted perturbation theory, explicit correlation, local correlation,
 hybrid methods, highly
 accurate predictions for thermochemistry, molecular structure determination,
 interactions, simulations of IR, UV, and NMR spectra, photodissociation
 processes, non-adiabatic
 dynamics, and QM/MM simulations of reactions in enzymes.
 Jeremy Harvey, Andreas Hesselmann, Gerald Knizia, Peter Knowles, Tatiana Korona,
 Fred Manby,
 Ricardo Mata, Todd Martinez, Kirk Peterson, Guntram Rauhut, Martin Schtz, K. R.
 Shamasundar, Toru
 Shiozaki, Hermann Stoll, Hans-Joachim Werner
 Organizing Committee:
 Hans-Joachim Werner (Universitt Stuttgart)
 Peter Knowles (Cardiff University)
 Fred Manby (University of Bristol)