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 Ciao Enrico,
in your input file (opt freq td rhf/gen ..) you are trying to do the optimization of the first excited singlet state and a frequency calculation. Is this you really want? For this job, G03 doens't have analytical gradients. In my experience, firstly you should give the coordinates in a z-matrix form. But since the number of your internal coordinates is 177, above the limit of 50, your calculation is not possible.
 You should try with Gaussian09.
If you don't need to optimize the excited state (as I suppose), but only the ground state, remove the keyword td. After that, you have the optimized geometry and eventually real positive frequencies. Now you can run the TD calculation with the optimized new coordinates.
 Other two notes:
1) the latest geometry, you posted, it is almost planar! The first was reasonable. 2) in your input file you didn't specify any basis set for C, N, and H. I'm not sure if the default is the 3-21G.
 best regards
 Happy New Year to all CCLers
 Quartarolo Domenico
 University of Calabria, Italy
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