CCL: Good site for finding books ( Search and Download directly)

 Sent to CCL by: steinbrt(!)
 Hi all,
 I hope not to start another flame war on copyright vs. fair use/free
 speech, but the immediate threat of legal action for posting a link is a
 bit much in my opinion. While pointing out this site is certainly not
 ethical (and most likely against CCLs usage terms) I can not believe that
 it is illegal.
 Now OTOH downloading from such a site is certainly illegal, at least in my
 country, but as for hosting it, we have to accept that U.S. copyright laws
 do not necessarily apply in the Kingdom of Tonga.
 Kind Regards,
 Dr. Thomas Steinbrecher
 formerly at the
 BioMaps Institute
 Rutgers University
 610 Taylor Rd.
 Piscataway, NJ 08854