CCL: free software for calculation of TPSA or PSA for ligands databases

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 dear colleagues,
 you can use the FAF-Drugs2 web server which can compute (among others) tPSA
 (ertl et al) on 50000 molecules maximum.
 That web-server (embedding OpenBabel libraries) is available at
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 >> Dear CCL users, can anyone recommend free software for TPSA calculation
 where I can load database of ligands, for example several hundreds and ideally
 get the ranked according PSA. I am using now free Molinspiration server, but
 there is no file upload option, onl one by one option. Best regards, Andrew
 > There are undoubtedly multiple programs can do this, but this can be done
 simply with Open Babel:
 > % Output as SMILES, sorted by TPSA and append the TPSA value to the title
 > obabel ~/data/drugbank-ca.sdf --append TPSA --sort TPSA -O
 > % Or sort by TPSA, but add a SDF property field with the TPSA value
 > obabel ~/data/drugbank-ca.sdf --sort TPSA --add TPSA -O
 > Of course you can get it at
 > Hope that helps,
 > -Geoff
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