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Thanks for getting back. I'll use the .arc files to generate new MOPAC input files. I suppose that MOPAC calculations are so fast that reading in force constants is not a huge advantage.
I've turned to MOPAC because it is able to perform PBC calculations using semi-empirical hamiltonians, whereas Gaussian 09 is only able to use HF & DFT. Furthermore, G09 does not report enthalpies with a frequency calculation (and that must be done numerically).
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Have you tried the latest version of Gaussian for all this as I think
 it also contains one of the latest MOPAC versions?
In MOPAC itself you can use the DENOUT keyword to keep a satisfactory current density and then OLDENS to read YOUR_FILENAME.DEN in to start
 a subsequent job.
 You can carve out an input geometry from an archive file
 (YOUR_FILENAME.ARC).  To the best of my knowledge MOPAC does not
 output intermediate geometries, and I am not aware that it outputs a
 Hessian that can be read back in.
Again, Gaussian included version of MOPAC can likely do all you want.
 John McKelvey
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 Hi all
I am doing a few PBC calculations on MOPAC, and I was hoping for some
Since the system is rather large (and I suppose the initial guess is poor), I cannot get SCF convergence unless I use the MOZYME keyword. The online
 manual ( gives some tips on
multi-step jobs (MOZYME for geometry optimization, then MOPAC, then perhaps
Since my jobs have started already (MOZYME then FORCE), I want to let it run, and do the MOPAC equivalent of "geom=allcheck guess=read opt(readfc)" on the resultant output file(s). Is this possible? How else can I start a new calculation based on an old one? Should I edit the archive (.arc) file
 into a new MOPAC input file?
 Thanks for your comments.
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