CCL: EMSL basis set exchange

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 Hi Thomas,
 This is indeed an unplanned temporary outage. We have run into some problems in
 the machine room with the cooling systems. Our guys are working as fast as they
 can to get this fixed but at present all machines in that room are powered off,
 including the basis set server. I have posted a message about this on our
 community forum at in the
 category "BSE: Basis Set Exchange". Apparently our technicians hope to
 have the system back online this afternoon, but we will post another message
 when that has actually happened.
 I apologize for the inconvenience caused,
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 Sent: Monday, August 27, 2012 7:32 AM
 To: Van Dam, Hubertus J
 Subject: CCL: EMSL basis set exchange
 Sent to CCL by: Thomas Manz [thomasamanz||] Hi,
 I have been using the EMSL basis set exchange at as a source of
 basis sets for quantum chemistry calculations.
 However, it doesn't appear to be working at this time.
 Has anyone heard any news about this?
 Are there plans to bring the EMSL basis set exchange back online?
 I hope this is just a temporary outage.
 Tom Manz