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 Sent to CCL by: "Jim Kress" [ccl_nospam/./]
 Has anyone bothered to ask the organizers of the "evil" ICQC about
 their supposed "gender inequality" issues?  Has anyone asked about the
 speaker selection criteria?  Has anyone allowed, or asked, the "evil"
 organizers of the ICQC to provide a response so the members of the community can
 get BOTH SIDES of the story?
 Has anyone determined the number of black/ Hispanic/ Asian/ American Indian/
 etc. speakers to ensure there is no "racial inequality"?  How about
 the number of speakers from every country on the planet to ensure these is no
 "ethnic inequality"?  How about the height of the speakers?  Has any
 ensured there is no "vertical inequality" by making sure that people
 of all stature are "properly" represented.  What about weight?  We
 wouldn't want to promote "Girth Inequality", now would we?  What about
 age?  Hair color?  Shoe size?  Marital status?  Claimed sexual orientation?  Eye
 color?  Nose length?  Ability to hear?  Ability to see?  Ability to walk?
 Ability to talk?  Every other "disability" status?
 As one can see, once CCL starts down this path there is no end to the amount of
 whining and complaining that the list will have to endure.  It will render CCL a
 wasteland of "Political Correctness".
 " Perhaps CCL should dedicate a part of their platform to related social
 issues such as these."
 If people want to discuss "gender inequality" they should start a
 forum on LinkedIn or Facebook or any of the many Social Media sites; or a
 WWMWICCL (We Want More Women I Computational Chemistry List) email list to which
 interested people may subscribe.
 If you INSIST on discussing this on CCL, the please place an identifying header
 on all your emails so that those of us who care about SCIENCE, as opposed to
 trendy whining about supposed "gender inequality" and other
 fashionable modes of Political Correctness can at least have a hope of filtering
 out all of the nonsensical content and peruse the SCIENTIFIC content.
 Jim Kress
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 Re: zborowsk <=> Therein lies part of the problem. Perhaps CCL should
 dedicate a part of their platform to related social issues such as these.
 Theoretical Chemistry does not exist in a vacuum. Social issues do impact it, do
 not tell me that the contribution of women, blacks or other minorities (or from
 your vantage position that may even include Roma peoples too) should be ignored
 - for that matter, you are also saying that their labor could be appropriated.
 Is Theoretical Chemistry to be the preserve of a small unique privileged group.
 And BTW, for  Krzysztof K. Zborowski the issue here is not "sex" but
 "gender" inequality as a representational issue.
 Granted that the space should be dedicated to Theoretical Chemistry, but had
 this original commentary, which is of importance to the community gone without
 your further opposing commentary, this would not be continuing.
 On 2/15/2014 5:12 PM, zborowsk zborowsk-* wrote:
 > Sent to CCL by: zborowsk [zborowsk]![] Well, could we
 > talk about theoretical chemistry, not about sex....??
 > Please
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 >> I fully agree that this is not acceptable. I trust that the three
 >> poeple sponsoring this, particularly Prof. Emily Carter, who is a
 >> member of the Academy, have made their views known to the Academy
 >> directly. Major international conferences should make sure there is a
 >> reasonable balance between men and women as well as from all
 >> countries in the world when selecting speakers.
 >> Brian Duke
 >> On Sat, Feb 15, 2014 at 02:57:48PM -0800, Kadir Diri
 >> dirikadir[a] wrote:
 >>> Sent to CCL by: Kadir Diri [dirikadir ~] Dear Colleagues,
 >>> I am posting this message on behalf of professor Anna Krylov -one
 >>> the many outstanding women in theoretical chemistry- regarding the
 >>> choice of speakers for the upcoming ICQC conference.
 >>> I would always like to think of us, scientists, as some of the
 >>> leading figures in the fight for gender equality. I wish the choice
 >>> of speakers for this conference was just a statistical abnormality.
 >>> Even that would be unacceptable...
 >>> Professor Krylov's message follows below.
 >>> Best regards,
 >>> Kadir
 >>> ---