CCL:G: Gaussian/Computer related question

 Sent to CCL by: "Fabio  Cardenas" []
 Dear CCL users,
 As member of a small community college I am very exited that we received
 Gaussian 09 and GV5 for
 Windows OS as a Donation. I have use the software in the past on a computer
 center and I find it very
 helpful for my research. However, I have never use the software to run directly
 on a Windows
 computer. Since the IT shop people in our department are not familiar with the
 software, I have few
 questions that I was hopping you could help me answer. Taking into account that
 the type of
 calculations we would run are on organic small molecules (ground states,
 Transition states, TDDFT and
 similar) and are not high performance computer demanding, we will probably use
 medium size level
 such b3lyp/6-31g(d,p), then the questions are:
 1. If we buy a multicore processor (quad core for example) can the software use
 all cores without the
 installation of any extra software?
 2. Are there any specifications on the computer hardware and software that you
 would recommend.