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 As a past editor-in-chief of two journals, please let me add a reason
 why anonymous review is useful.
 Often, authors are unhappy with reviews, and sometimes the editor is
 hassled by unhappy authors (fortunately, not often).
 It is part of the job of the editor to manage such situations (I did that).
 But imagine what could happen when a non anonymous reviewer is hassled
 by the author?
 You know, editors receive contributions from very diverse authors, not
 all fair, and even from sects (yes indeed).
 Remember that reviewers are volounteers and benevolent.
 If they should face to such authors, imagine the consequences, not
 only for the reviewers themselves, but for all the scientific
 community: would reviewers still accept to help?
 I agree that anonymous review can be criticized, but until now it has
 more advantages than drawbacks.
 About the double blind review, most time it is not useful, and this is
 discussed on the websites cited in a previous post.
 Nevertheless, possibly it could make sense for some maths journals,
 eventually as an author choice.
 May be that should be experienced.
 All my best,
 Michel Petitjean
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 > Why should the names of the reviewers be confidential?  It is only
 > reasonable, given the level of personal and professional antipathy present
 > in todays "Science" that the authors of an article be allowed to
 see who
 > reviewed their work.  As we have seen exposed in the media, e.g. on the
 > topic of "Global Warming", reviewers who object to your political
 views will
 > ignore the scientific aspects of your work and deny publication, just on
 > basis of their personal animosity toward you and/or your politics.
 > Authors should be allowed to ensure this type of nonscientific bias is not
 > allowed to interfere with the publication of their scientific work.
 > Jim Kress
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 > Sent to CCL by: "tarzan  p" [] Dear
 > It is often(or probably always ...) that a submitted article to journal
 > for a peer review. Of course the reviewers are confidential. Justified.
 > But why is that the reviewers get to know the names of the authors and his
 > affiliation during the review process ..? Unfair ...!!!
 > Will it not put a sort of bias into the reviewers head ...??
 > Will it be not possible for the journal editors to adopt a policy of
 > non-disclosure of the authors till the work is accepted...?
 > I hope to get some views.....
 > with best wishes and happy computing ....