CCL: Spin-orbit ab initio quantum chemistry package

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 COLUMBUS is a collection of programs for high-level ab initio molecular
 electronic structure multi-reference (MR) calculations:  MCSCF, MRCI, etc.
 SO (two-component) pseudopotentials of Dolg, Stoll, and coworkers
 have been used as well as those of Christiansen, Ermler, and coworkers.
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 > I have a general question. Which ab initio quantum chemistry packages
 support spin-orbit (SO) interaction from the ground up (i.e. not done as a
 post-processing after the calculation)? I am interested in packages that does
 HF, MP2, CCSD(T), and/or CASSCF, etc.  Not so much along the DFT line.
 Also, which package supports SO (two-component) pseudopotentials like that
 published in Chem. Phys. 311, 227-244 (2005) by Figgen et al?