CCL: Northern Universities Postgraduate Symposium 2014

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 Chemistry PhD students and early career researchers are invited to attend the
 Northern Universities Postgrad Symposium. The event will focus on a wide range
 of research interests with talks, poster sessions and ample time for discussion!
 Networking, community interactions and industrial events will play a central
 role in the upcoming event. The purpose of which, is to bring together budding
 researchers to foster collaborations and highlight key areas of research. A
 short, yet absorbing talk will highlight opportunities available for young
 researchers after the completion of their studies.
 This is part of a series of symposiums funded by the RSC, previously held in
 York last year. We are pleased to announce that this event will continue in 2014
 and will be held at the University of Sheffield Chemistry Department.
 This scientific meeting will be of interest to early career researchers from a
 variety of chemical disciplines who are enthusiastic about sharing the
 challenges, scope and impact of their innovative research!
 Registration for attendants is free and application to present posters or talks
 are open now, please visit
 Registration open until August 30th