CCL: CCL new access restrictions

 Sent to CCL by: "Jan K Labanowski" [janl(!)]
 Dear CCL Members,
 You will see that I have mixed feelings restricting the access to CCL.  This
 impacts mostly the people that "do not drive Cadillacs", i.e., in
 countries where the Internet is not supported well, where there is less
 expertize with running border routers, and where the internet communications are
 intentionally being subverted by the people who are supposed to "keep us
 safe" (not that it does not happen where I live, but at least there is
 still some public scrutiny).
 Until now, I was fighting the spam by blocking unwanted email through the
 variety of spam filters, black lists, keyword matching, etc. But I had to tell
 myself that it only gets worse, not better, and I will have to extent the range
 of the extermination tools. I was weary to block the access on the firewall,
 since this is radical. The people in the spamming subnets will not be able not
 only to send the email, but also will not be able to access the CCL Web site.
 But I set myself a limit:
    if (N_SPAMS_PER_DAY > 30000) {
      block_IPS on the firewall
 So... If you cannot access the then you are inside the subnet that I
 block on the firewall. The only recourse you have is to go to some other network
 (if you are home, use work computer, or internet cafe, or whatever) and try to
 send me a message via the page:
 Provide me with the IP address of the computer that was blocked, and I will try
 to let it through. You find the IP Address of your computer easily, just open a
 page like:
 or just type a query
   My IP Address
 into Google.
 I am sorry, but I do not have many other options beside closing CCL that is with
 us since 1991 and is on every fricken spammer and cracker list. CCL success
 sucks big way...
 Jan Labanowski
 CCL Admin