CCL:G: Convergence failure

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 Hi Arash,
 1- You should use maxcycle=N instead of maxcyc=N keyword
 2- You should write the scf cycles like this:
 3- As far as I know 'gen' keyword is useful when you want to introduce your own
 basis set in the Gaussian but here I see that you have use a Gaussian integrated
 functional and basis set. Moreover, is you are going to use your own basis set
 you should be much more careful about its input I recommend you to use this link
 for more information on input style:
 Hope it would be helpful for you.
 Best regards,
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 Subject: CCL: Convergence failure
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 may concern,
 I am working with organometallic complexes and I want to optimize the structure.
 But I have a major problem with the optimization of the structures.
 I used the keywords below to launch my calculations;
 #p opt=(cartesian,maxcyc=200) gen gfoldprint pbe1pbe pop=full pseudo=read
 However all of the calculations turned to fail and did not converge.
 I would be thankful if you will help me.