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 Dear Andy:
 Application of Freq=(anharmonic,readanharm) may be quite tricky. I suggest you
 contact Fernando R. Clemente of Gaussian Technical Support
 (, he was very helpful when we had problems with this
 keyword/option in a recent investigation (Spanget-Larsen et al., Chemical
 Physics 389, 107-115 (2011)).
 Yours, Jens >--<
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 Subject: CCL:G: G09 Keyword: Freq
 Sent to CCL by: "Andy  Wong" [andy.wong[-]] I am trying to
 use the Freq=(anharmonic,readanharm) keyword with the command PT2Model=GVPT2 in
 Gaussian 09. However the log file says that this is not a recognised command.
 Any help is appreciated.
 Andy Wong