CCL: CINF scholarships - reminder

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 CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence Co-sponsored by InfoChem and Springer
 The international scholarship program of the Division of Chemical Information
 (CINF) of the
 American Chemical Society (ACS) co-sponsored by InfoChem ( and
 ( is designed to reward students in chemical information and
 related sciences for
 scientific excellence and to foster their involvement in CINF.
 Up to three scholarships valued at $1,000 each will be awarded at the 249th ACS
 National Meeting
 in Denver, CO, March 22  26, 2015.  Student applicants must be enrolled at a
 certified college or
 university; postdoctoral fellows are also invited to apply. They will present a
 poster during the
 Welcoming Reception of the Division on Sunday evening at the National Meeting.
 Additionally, they
 will have the option to show their poster at the Sci-Mix session on Monday
 night.  Abstracts for the
 poster must be submitted electronically through MAPS, the abstract submission
 system of ACS.
 To apply, please inform the Chair of the selection committee, Guenter Grethe at,
 that you are applying for a scholarship. Submit your abstract at using your
 ID.  If you do not have an ACS ID, follow the registration instructions and
 submit your abstract in the
 CINF program in the session CINF Scholarship for Scientific Excellence.  MAPS
 will be open for
 abstract submissions from August 25, 2014, to October 17, 2014. Additionally,
 please send me a
 2,000-word abstract in electronic form by January 31,2015, describing the work
 to be presented.
 Any questions related to applying for one of the scholarships should be directed
 to the same e-mail
 Winners will be chosen based on contents, presentation and relevance of the
 poster and they will be
 announced during the Sunday reception.  The contents shall reflect upon the
 students work and
 describe research in the field of cheminformatics and related sciences.
 Guenter Grethe
 About InfoChem
 InfoChem GmbH based in Munich, Germany, is a market leader in structure and
 reaction handling
 and retrieval. Founded in 1989, InfoChem focuses on the production and marketing
 of new
 chemical information products, including structural and reaction databases, and
 the development of
 software tools required for these applications. The main software tools provided
 are the InfoChem
 Fast Search Engine (ICFSE), the InfoChem Chemistry Cartridge for Oracle
 (ICCARTRIDGE) and the
 widely used InfoChem reaction classification algorithm CLASSIFY. InfoChem
 distributes one of the
 largest structural and reaction files worldwide, currently containing 7 million
 organic compounds
 and facts and 4 million reactions covering the chemical literature published
 since 1974 (SPRESI). In
 addition, InfoChem provides tools for the automatic recognition and extraction
 of chemical entities
 and their conversion into chemical structures as well as the semantic enrichment
 of chemical science
 documents. Springer GmbH (Berlin) has held a majority interest in InfoChem since
 1991. For more
 infromation go to