CCL: Status report on CCL server

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 Dear CCL,
 I moved the CCL server to CentOS 6.5 on a new box. It is also a 64 bit Linux
 (the other one was 32-bit) and of course, all versions of everything is
 different. I am going through the scripts and fixing the stuff. This may take a
 while (as I said before, some scripts were written in the 1990-ies).
 So I am asking a big favor from  all of you... When you find something not
 working, PLEASE let me know. Just send me a message with details. I will
 probably disable FTP, since this is nothing but trouble. Unless there will be an
 outcry. The stuff is available through the Web and there is really no need for
 FTP anymore. This ancient protocol was not designed with the firewalls in mind
 and uses two sockets and is really hard to support and make secure. Nobody
 really uploaded anything to the CCL FTP site for more than 3 years, so this
 speaks for itself.
 So again,
 Please help me iron the glitches, and when you see something, let me know.
 Back to testing the stuff...
 Jan Labanowski