CCL: Invitation to cooperate in calculations for joint article

Dear colleague,
Could you contact me by a direct e-mail, for a deep discussion?

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Dear Colleagues,

I am inviting researchers who possess computational time on powerful computers to participate in the calculations of the TD DFT spectrum of large bioorganic system. I will include you in the list of authors of my new writing joint article.

This our new joint article will be similar to examples of my two last years publications:

1. Arvydas Tamulis, Mantas Grigalavicius and Jonas Baltrusaitis, (2013) „Phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement in a System Composed of Two Minimal Protocells“, Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres, 43:49–66, DOI 10.1007/s11084-012-9323-0, available in electronic version at,

2. Arvydas Tamulis and Mantas Grigalavicius, “Molecular Spintronics Control of Photosynthesis in Artificial Cell”, “Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol. 10, No 4, p.p. 989-995, 2013.

3. Arvydas Tamulis, Mantas Grigalavicius, “Quantum Entanglement in Photoactive Prebiotic Systems. journal Systems and Synthetic Biology”, vol. 8, p.p. 117-140., 2014.

4. Arvydas Tamulis, Mantas Grigalavicius, Sarunas Krisciukaitis,Quantum Entanglement in a System Composed of Two Prebiotic Kernels with Molecular Spintronics Logic Devices for Control of PhotosynthesisJournal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, vol. 11, p.p. 1597-1608, 2014.

5. Arvydas Tamulis and Mantas Grigalavicius,Quantum Mechanical Origin of Fatty Acid Life and Correlations with Anthropic Principle and Old Testament”, journal Quantum Matter of the American Scientific Publishers, vol. 3, p.p.460-468, 2014.

6. Tamulis A, Berteska
 L, Grigalavicius M, Baltrusaitis J, “Quantum Dynamics of Self-Assembly of
 Minimal Photosynthetic Cells”, journal
 Matter of the American Scientific
 31 pages article accepted on February
 7. Tamulis A, Grigalavicius M, Serbenta J,
 Plausinaitis K (2014) „Quantum Entangled Single BioOrganic Supramolecules
 as Light Absorbing and Light Emitting Logical Devices“, 32 pages research
 article is accepted in the Journal
 of Computational and Theoretical

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Arvydas Tamulis,

Independent expert of European Commission

Jean Jules FIFEN
Department of Physics
Faculty of Science
The University of Ngaoundere